More PJF Stuff to Buy

These are a few items we have for sale here at The Official Philip José Farmer Home Page. In the case of the signed bookmarks, Phil himself gets most of the money and Charles Berlin gets a little bit from the bookmarks, but the rest goes to keeping this page going.

To place an order, send an email to to hold the item(s).
Shipping and insurance by priority mail will be at cost.

We asked Charles Berlin to do three original drawings, one each for The World of Tiers, Riverworld and Dayworld, that we could use for bookmarks. The bookmarks measure approximately 7-1/8 x 2-5/8 inches. All of the bookmarks have been laminated so they should last forever. We are selling them in three formats:

Sets A-D, F, Q, S, T and Z are sold.
Sets E, G-P, R, and U-Y are available.
Each set is $50.00

Sets 1-6 are sold.
Sets 7-50 are available.
Each set is $10.00

If you don't want all three bookmarks you can buy unlettered individuals (nothing on the back excepted the printed text).
Singles are available for $4.00

Click a pic to view a larger version.

Bookmark set: fronts

Bookmark set: backs (signed edition)

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