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Novels Begun

The first four items on the list are very tantalizing but sadly unfulfilling because they were never completed! They are the first three to five chapters of proposed novels with outlines of the remaining chapters. This is how Farmer, and most authors, submit story ideas to publishers. The letters included with THE CITY BEYOND PLAY, date it at 1970. I don't know when the other stories were begun.

First five chapters 42p - rest of the story outline 28p

Yes, Philip Jose Farmer started to write a Western! I have never read a Western novel but I have to guess that most are not like this. The start of this book shows how brutal and cheap life was back then. With killers, whores and politicians this is not your father's Western.

I thought this was a very good read and even had a sense of humor, a shame it was never finished.

COPIES are available for $70.00

First three chapters 116p - rest of the story outline 3p

This story is hard to describe. It is about a loner whose life is suddenly turned upside-down by a smelly bum who claims to have saved his life in Vietnam. The bum always seems to do the evil thing that the loner would like to do but never would. I can't really say much more without giving too much away.

COPIES are available for $70.00

Complete Unpublished Novel

Farmer wrote this book for Ballantine but they did not like it. He made some changes and they still did not want it so he gave up and wrote DARK IS THE SUN, which they promptly bought. I read the book in one sitting and loved it. It is not really scifi except that it is set in the near future. The story is about a runaway off-shore oil well and a huge ecological disaster. Three pages are missing from the manuscript (101, 279 and 291) but I have recreated them from an earlier working version of the ms. The book was written in 1978 and 1979 and is slightly dated in some places but that does not detract from the enjoyment of reading this long lost novel. The manuscript is 311 pages long. The last 19 pages were originally numbered 264-286 (with a gap between 270 and 275). These last 19 pages were the first draft and are covered with penciled corrections. The cover page of the manuscript has a note written by Farmer dated August 21, 1986 which states that he has given up on the story.

COPIES are available for $125.00

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