Dear Mr. Klug:
    I am sorry to be so late in answering your letter of November 5th, but have been, and still am, working the third Riverworld novel, trying to finish the first draft by the end of December.
    I'll try to give you all the aid I can on your projected article on the Savage Bio and the Wold Newton Family. But my time is limited.
    Any semi-interview would have to be conducted by mail, and I'd rather wait until January for it. I hope you can understand.
    Thanks for the SASE and your interest.
            Philip José Farmer
            Peoria, IL

    (The above is not a letter of comment and in not being so perhaps it should not have been printed within this feature. I just thought it'd be nice to devote some space in this issue to apologize to Mr. Farmer. (The interview mentioned herein was to have replaced the James Bama feature this issue, which was originally intended for next issue. We might decide to go ahead with the interview for--maybe--ish 10) This hugo-winning author is much more recognized and appreciated for his contributions in the science fiction field than that of the pulps. This observation was noted by several authors this issue (including myself) and perhaps subjected Farmer to unjust criticism. But it was all in fun--and speaking for myself--it was not intended to be taken seriously. If it was conveyed as such, our apologies)