Meteor Writes

  Just so the letter column will not be entirely in vain, we're printing some WNMS correspondance with a very special member from Peoria:

Dear Mr. Farmer
    We are writing you this letter corporately for two reasons. First, to thank you for all the enjoyment we've gotten from your work. Second, we have something to offer you.
    We are the founders of the Wold Newton Meteoritics Society, which we believe is the first scion society of its type. Our purpose is investigate, analyze, and disseminate information about the Wold Newton family tree, for our own pleasure and for the benefit of the world at large. As yet we are still small and struggling, but we hope to publish a fanzine (The Wold Atlas) by January of 1977 for all members and interested researchers.
    As one of our first official acts, it was unanimously agreed that an honorary Chairmanship of the Privy Council should go to the biographer of Lord Greystoke and Dr. Clark Savage Jr., the Prophet from Peoria who was directly responsible for the founding of our Society, yourself.
    The Membership proclamation is enclosed in this letter. It will grant you all the rights of Society membership (none whatsoever) for none of the expense (negligible at best).
    May your life be as exciting as Doc Savage's, as well know as Tarzan's and as pleasurable as Sir William Clayton's.
    The Wold Newton
    Meteoritics Society
    Privy Council

hearby offers its first honorary


Hugo and Nebula award winning science fiction author, biographer and historian extraordinaire, and generally imaginitive person, without whose efforts the Society could not have been.

With Appreciation for past efforts, and best wishes for future endeavors, this proclamation of Chairmanship is hearby awarded.

Timothy J. Rutt--Coordinator
Arn McConnel--Art Director, the Wold Atlas
Todd R. Rutt--Editorial Director, the Wold Atlas
Kirk McConnell--Keeper of the Tomes
Clay Powers--Treasurer

Dear Privy Council:
    Your letter of August 25th both pleased and thrilled me, tickled anyway.
    I accept you offer to make me Honorary Chairman of the Wold Newton Meteoritics Society and do so with pride. I'll frame the membership proclamation and hang it up on the wall of my workroom.
    And I'll look forward with great anticipation to the first issue of The Wold Atlas.
    You might me interested in knowing that a Portland, Oregon group has founded The Bellener Street Irregulars, an organization devoted to the study of the life of Ralph von Wau Wau, whose exploits were first by Kilgore Trout in Venus on the Half-shell. Trout didn't write the Wau Wau stories, of course. He was merely telling about the stories of Ralph as written by Jonathon Swift Somers Somers III. As you may or may not know, a von Wau Wau story by Somers appeared in an issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction ("A Scarletin Study,"March, 1975) and a second will appear in the November 1976 issue. The author is currently working on a third Wau Wau. The Irregulars plan to issue an irregular The Bellener Street Journal.
    I'll write Somers, who's a very close friend of mine. I'm sure he'll want to join your organization since he's a keen student of the Wold Newton Family.
    Thank you very much for your kind words and for the Honorary Chairmanship. My best to Timothy J. Rutt, Arn McConnel, Todd R. Rutt, Kirk McConnell and Clay Powers.
    Your Chairman in
    Philip José Farmer

Editor's note: Mr. Somers' second Wau Wau story ("The Doge Whose Barque Was Worse Than His Bight") mark's the beginning of Ralph's partnership with Wold Newton Family member Cordwainer Bird. Bird's previous exploits were detailed in Harlan Ellison's "New York Review of a Bird," Weird Heroes 2 (Pyramid). Mr. Farmer's stories of Zeppelin captian Greatheart Silver appear in Vols. 1 and 2 of Weird Heroes.