Welcome to D.C.'s second issue of Tarzan. For this issue's DUM DUM we are including letters by those who are personally knowledgeable and/or involved with Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tarzan.

Dear Joe,
    Thanks for the stats which I enjoyed very much. You have been faithful to the first Tarzan book with a few exceptions. Being a Tarzan purist, I'm a nit-picker. Tarzan's father was clean-shaven; he did not have a moustache. And Tarzan was ten years old, not thirteen, when he first entered the cabin. But all-in-all, I thought the issue was a fine and stimulating one.
    I've written a book, soon to be published, called "Tarzan Alive." This biography derives from the basic premise that "Lord Greystoke" is a very real person, still living. Burroughs wrote a series about him in which he tried to make him appear as a fictional character so that he could protect the privacy of "Lord Greystoke". Some of the Tarzan books are all fiction, some are part fiction, a few are almost entirely true. I tracked down the real "Lord Greystoke" through research in books by Burroughs, by A. Conan Doyle, G. B. Shaw, and the massive Burke's PEERAGE, which contains the history of all the presently existing families in the British nobility. I have had a very brief interview with "Lord Greystoke", got a few facts, saw the diary of his father (a few pages, rather, fortunately I can read French to some extent), and promised not to reveal his real identity until 1982.

                Philip JoseFarmer

Philip Jose Farmer is an award winning science fiction writer, and Tarzan expert.