About Philip Josť Farmer:
Philip Josť Farmer Time Line.
Photo Gallery, tons of pictures.
Award winning author, see his Hugos and Nebula.
PJF Recommends, get his advice on what to read!
Calling Card.
Remembrances of Philip Josť Farmer.
Written by Philip Josť Farmer:
Books, science fiction, some fiction and "non-fiction."
Books edited, anthologies and the Dungeon series.
Short story collections, collections of Farmer's stories.
Short stories, originally printed in scifi magazines and anthologies.
Collaborations, articles, stories and novels co-authored.
Excerpts, abridgements and serials, different versions of your favorite stories.
Articles, mostly written for fanzines.
Reviews, a short list written by Phil.
Poems, including the verse of most them.
Forewords, introductions, etc to other author's books.
Letters, by Farmer printed in magazines and fanzines. He has given permission to reprint these online.
Series, a list of books and stories broken down by series.
Philip Josť Farmer on Kilgore Trout and Kurt Vonnegut.
Quotes, send in your favorite.
Written about Philip Josť Farmer:
Books, entirely about Philip Josť Farmer.
Fanzines, inspired by Philip Josť Farmer.
Articles, about Philip Josť Farmer.
Fiction, about Philip Josť Farmer.
Introductions, to Philip Josť Farmer's books & stories.
Bibliographies, they just keep getting longer and longer.
Books Dedicated, to Philip Josť Farmer.
Shared Worlds, stories set in worlds Philip Josť Farmer created.
Parodies, spoofs of a master spoofer.
Interviews, including the text of one conducted for this web page.
Interviews with other writers, influenced by Philip Josť Farmer.
Conventions and Events, a list of events attended by Philip Josť Farmer.
Reviews, 346 of 431 known book reviews online.
Miscellaneous items, roleplaying games and comic books.
Stuff only a Collector would care about:
Philip Josť Farmer's signature, check here before you buy that signed book on ebay.
Publisher's materials, letters sent to reviewers.
Uncorrected proofs, prepublication versions of books.
Advertising, and promotional materials.
Box sets, collections of paperbacks.
Fan Contributions:
Articles, some republished and some printed here for the first time.
Fiction, when you have read all the Riverworld books and just need a little more.
Art, lots of great works of art inspired by Philip Josť Farmer.
Lovers Art, a whole series of pictures by Jason Robert Bell.
Pearls From Peoria Art, 3 original pictures from the forth coming book.
Whats coming up:
Forthcoming books, books to look forward to.
Upcoming Events, keep up to date on news about the next FarmerCon.
Stuff to buy:
Philip Josť Farmer's basement, you have to see to believe!
More items, hats and bookmarks.
Tim Boxwell artwork, from the comic book version of IMAGE OF THE BEAST.
Philip Josť Farmer on the Net:
The International Bibliography, lots of data and scans of non-English printings.
PJF's Links to ERB, hosted by Bill Hillman's ERBzine.
The Wold Newton Universe, an amazing amount of fan writing based on Farmer's ideas.
Secret History of the WNU, the name says it all.
Wold Newton Chronicles, an extensive collection of essays about Wold Newton families.
Explore the World of Lost Khokarsa a look at Farmer's extensive world building.

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