5617 N. Fairmont Dr. Peoria, IL 61614 May 1, 1984

  'Dear Dick (no pun intended)

  'Charles Platt's "The Decline of Fiction" (SFR #51) bolsters my opinion, belief, or what-have-you that nonfiction is indeed more remunerative than fiction. The trend will swell (but not, like an excited penis, shrink after discharge). So I'm working now on JERRY FALWELL AND ANAL SEX and DON'T KNOCK HYPOCRISY. Two surefire nonfiction best sellers.

  'Actually I have been thinking about writing a book re my experiences as a technical writer for a secret project conducted by the defense industry. It would be both autobiographical and factual. Tenative title: UNCLE SAM'S MAD TEA PARTY. A friend who is now a lawyer advised me not to write it. He said I'd have the FBI on me and that I could then write a factual book about my prison experiences. However, the project was so secret and confusing and so long ago (1969) and in the end, so ridiculous that I doubt that the U.S. government would even admit that there had been such a project. Still...

  ((You could always write an article on the matter for SFR. No one in government reads SFR that I know of. Go on...you can tell us!))