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     I enjoyed Bill Glass's comments about Image and Blown until I came to his speculations on the identity of the parasitic couple living in 4e's house. I was not only flabbergasted, I was distressed.
     When writing Blown, I made sure, or tried to make sure, that the Dummocks would in no way be connected with the Warrens. I mentioned that the Dummocks had moved in after the Warrens left. This comment is on the bottom of page 46 of Blown. Unfortunately, somewhere along the production line, Warren cam out as Ward. When I saw this in the published book, it didn't bother me much because I figured that anybody concerned would know that Ward stood for Warren. And also the Dummocks could not possibly be mistaken for the Warrens. Especially since the Dummocks are archetypes, not based on any particular individuals, although a few traits may be borrowed from a certain parasitical couple. At least, some people have claimed they recognize them, but this I stoutly deny. They were invented for semicomical purposes and also to illustrate 4e's long-suffering and perhaps overly Christian attitude towards certain fans. (I hope 4e forgives my use of Christian.)
     As Bill Glass points out, the Warrens have nothing in common with the Dummocks. I would have had no motive to depict the Warrens, since my few contacts with them have been congenial, I like them, and even if I didn't like them, I wouldn't depict them in a book without their permission.
     What Bill Glass should have done, before he wrote comments that should have know would distress the Warrens, was contact me and ask me if I had them in mind. His puzzlement would have been dissipated, nothing would have been printed, and the Warrens and I wouldn'e be upset.
     I know that there was nothing malicious in Glass's surmise or in your printing it, but I hope that, in the future, more thought will be taken on such matters and repercusions considered.
((Take heed, Geis!""Same to you alter-ego!"))
     I am sorry the mistake was made, and I regret any distress was caused the Warrens. This letter should clear matters up.
((Apologies to all. One goof per issue is my average it seems...))