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Auguskalns is right about many things but not, I believe, about the Vietnam War being minor. Of course, he means that it is minor compared to an atomic war. And it is minor compared to the traffic casualties suffered all over the Earth. And perhaps fans are indifferent to Vietnam, but many people in the USA are anything but indifferent. It was not world opinion but the people here raising hell about the war that made Nixon pull out the American troops. Of course, there wasn't any "peace with honour"; there still is not peace and there is no "honour"; there never was in either side; the Vietnamese people would have been far better off if the USA had stayed out, the casualties and the devastation would have been far less; the Vietnamese peasant would be as well off, perhaps better off, it the Communists had won. Which they're going to do, anyway. And Nixon is being revealed as what many of us knew he was all along: a petty, mean, cruel, and dishonest man. On the other hand, he did go to China. But why? Was it a sincere desire for peace (not to mention commerce)? Or basically was it a desire to be a "great man", to be noted in history as the opener of gates? Never mind. It's the results, not the motives, that count. Nixon seems to get along well with the Russian and Chinese rulers. This is no surprise; tyrants of a feather flock together, etc. Note that Nixon is anti-education, anti-poor , anti-black, anti-science und so weiter. He is, most of all, pro-Nixon, pro-rich, pro-military, pro-Nixon, pro-repression, pro-Nixon. It is, however, the middle class, the bourgeoisie, and the powerful trade unions (epsecially the Teamsters' Mafia-run organisation), which got him in. And the middle class, I regret to say, as usual, are reactionary and stupid. Here and in every country, including, I'm sure, Australia. (May 9, 1973)