Farmer is more than a taboo breaker... he is a story teller of high artistry - Sam Moskowitz

We have had several (ok three) requests to verify that a signature in a book is actually that of Philip Josť Farmer. While we are not experts in handwriting, Farmer's signature is fairly distinctive.

Fellow PJF fan Craig Kimber pointed out that Farmer's earlier signatures had a printed capital J while the later signatures use a cursive capital J. A checked through our books show the books signed in 1995 had the cursive J. While some older items had the printed capital J.

Currently the best information we have, from Chris Schendel, is that stuff Farmer signed in 1977 had the printed J and stuff he signed in 1980 has the cursive J.

1977 and older signature:

1980 and newer signature:

Farmer's most famous, if not infamous, pen name is Kilgore Trout. Don't buy that signed copy of VENUS ON THE HALF-SHELL unless the signature looks like this. We have two magazines and four books signed "Kilgore Trout" and all have the distinctive K and T:

Do you have a book signed by Phil with an interesting inscription? If so please send it in like these below:

Mark Abrahamson shares this terrific sample which includes a sketch of a trout:

Phil's longtime friend Bob Barrett shares these three inscriptions:



Farmer collector Russell Wright shares his collection of humorously inscribed books:

An association copy of THE GREEN ODDYSEY inscribed to Forrest J Ackerman:

An inscription about the publisher in TONGUES OF THE MOON:

An inscription about the publisher in A PRIVATE COSMOS:

Three inscriptions on two pages in DOWN IN THE BLACK GANG:

An association copy of DOC SAVAGE: HIS APOCALYPTIC LIFE inscribed to editor David Hartwell:

A postcard and an inscribed copy of THE ADVENTURE OF THE PEERLESS PEER:

An association copy of THE GRAND ADVENTURE inscribed to Robert Block:

An association copy of ESCAPE FROM LOKI inscribed to science fiction bibliographer Sheldon Jaffery:

An inscribed copy of NOTHING BURNS IN HELL with a reference to Y2K:

Mitch West shares items from his collection, a book, a magazine, and even a manuscript:

An Essex House printing of IMAGE OF THE BEAST:

"The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod" from the adult magazine Broadside
(with a literary story in the midst of trash):

Manuscript copy of "The Henry Miller Dawn Patrol
(This is one of my favorite stories, also of the Playboy editors):