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This web page was created with the gracious assistance of Phil, and especially, Bette Farmer. Many of the pictures come from their personal collection and most of the background information was supplied by Bette.

Some of these pictures are taken from books, magazines and fanzines. Original publication, and if possible, the original photographer is credited. If anyone sees a picture taken by them or published by them and would like it removed, please let us know.

Philip José Farmer, age 2.

Phil pictured with his high school track team, May 15, 1936.

Phil was a very good student athlete. He played football, ran track and was a broadjumper in high school, and for a while in college.

In the short bio Phil had to provide for the March 1946 issue of Adventure Magazine, he said "... In 1940 I went to Bradley Polytechnic Institute for a year, met more characters, got a letter in track and a crippled foot in football. Also because of my Cherokee blood, I was sent by the students to New York, to present a chief's head-dress to Fred Waring, who had written a theme song for Bradley."

Continued from the Adventure Magazine bio "I still remember the terrible stagefright I got on his program. However, remembering I was supposed to be an Indian, I let out a warwhoop which brought down the house and broke the tension."

While the two above pictures were from local newspaper articles, this picture is from Phil's personal collection.

Phil at Kelly Airfield in Texas 1941 when he was in the Army Air Corps.

From the 1950 Anaga (Bradley University Yearbook) - English Club.
The English Club at Bradley was sponsered by Dr. Hollowell and Miss Maxwell. The officers were Ray Larson, president; Les Soch, vice-president; Cathie Calhoun, secretary; and Len Swigert, treasurer. This year, the club members made two trips to Chicago—one to see "Kiss Me Kate" and one to see "The Mad Woman of Chaillot". They also went in a group to see "A Streetcar Names Desire" and "Red Shoes" here in Peoria. At their monthly meetings they discussed the various plays and any other type of literature.

From the 1950 Anaga (Bradley University Yearbook) - Senior Picture.
Phil started college in 1936 but he had to drop out because of his father's financial problems. He went back to school in 1939, then left again in 1941 to join the Army Air Force. Finally in 1949, married and with two children, he went back to Bradley to get his degree, he graduated in 1950.

According to this picture of Bette and Phil was taken at the Midwestcon #3 at Beatley's on the Lake in May 1952. However, it is probably from the 1953 convention since they did not attend the 1952 Midwestcon.

This picture was taken by Margaret Ford Kiefer.

Standing in the back are Sam Mines, Ted Dikty, Jerome Bixby, sitting are Phil Farmer and Melvin Korshak. This picture was taken at some point during Chicon II, the 10th Worldcon, held in September 1952.

This picture was taken by Al De Bat (according to the Spring 1953 issue of Fantastic Worlds).

Pictured (L to R) are, top row: Earl Kemp, Jeannie Smith, Phil Farmer.
Bottom row: Nancy Kemp, Frank Robinson, Bette Farmer.
Chicon II (Worldcon) 1952.

Here Phil is shown holding his 1st Hugo award, which he won in 1953 as the Most Promising New Talent of 1952. This picture was printed in the March 1954 issue of Argosy in the "Argonotes - About Argaosy Authors" section.

As Isaac Asimov mentions in both his autobiography and in THE HUGO WINNERS, Phil, Isaac and Randall Garrett were at a convention in Cincinnati in 1954 and were interviewed together by a local newspaper. When asked how they keep up with changes in science, before Isaac could make some comical remark, Phil answered that he subscribed to Scientific American. Isaac started subscribing himself after this and that led him into his long career of writing non-fiction science books.

This picture was taken at the 20th Worldcon, Chicon III held in September 1962. Bette Farmer tells this story about it: "I fell off the bar stool about 5 minutes later. I always had wondered what I would do if that happened, and had decided what to do. So I was prepared. Here I was lying on the floor of the bar in this big Chicago Hotel and there was nothing to do but laugh uproariously. I did and I was joined by the convention group (most of whom were in the bar) and they helped me up and it was the end of what could have been an embarrassing moment. The reason for the fall...other than that I was a trifle unsteady...was that as I sat down on the stool, Tony Boucher pulled it out from the bar. Guess he thought he was helping."

Robert Block, Bette & Phil Farmer standing with some unknown people sitting. This was also taken at during Chicon III.

This picture of Phil, Bette, Ellie Bloch and Katherine Kuttner was taken sometime in the late 1960s.

Bette, Phil, Bette, Walt Dougherty, and A.E. van Vogt, sometime in the late 1960's.

This photo by Walter J. Daugherty appears on the back of the hardcover printing of FLESH, Doubleday 1968. Similar pictures, with Phil looking to the left and right have been used in at least three convention programs and one book.

This great picture of Phil, Bette and Harlan Ellison at Baycon 68 was taken from the VISUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE FICTION by Brian Ash.

Phil wrote a report for Luna 6, about the Second International Film Festival, held in Rio de Janeiro, March 23-31, 1969. See if you can find Phil Farmer, Alfred Bester, Arthur C. Clarke, Harlan Ellison, Harry Harrison, Sam Moskowitz, A. E. von Vogt, Robert Bloch and Forrest J Ackerman.

Another picture from Rio de Janeiro. From left to right you can see Brian Aldiss, the tour guide, Phil, Robert Sheckley and J. G. Ballard.

This picture from Rio de Janeiro is from a French reference work (Histoire de la science fiction moderne, 1911-1971, by Jacques Sadoul; Albin Michel, tpb, 1973). The larger image lists all the people shown.

Not sure exactly when this picture was taken, possibly as early as 1971. Phil is standing next to the Greystoke Coat of Arms he designed and Bjo Trimble painted.

This picture appeared in Infinity #5 and is of Phil giving his Guest of Honor speech at CreationCon II in 1972.

This picture was going to be used for the back cover of VENUS ON THE HALF-SHELL. A Marx Brothers book was going to come out around the same time and Dell didn't want to advertise someone else's book so they used another picture.

The picture was taken by Emily Sutton, some time in 1974.

This picture was taken at the Fantasy and Science Fiction Festival, Metz France, July 1976. Standing next to Phil is Harry Harrison.

This photo was taken at the con Fabula 77 (May 1977 in Copenhagen, Denmark).From left to right you see a Danish fan (Erwin Neutzky-Wulff), Brian W. Aldiss, Philip José Farmer, Sam Lundwall and an unknown Danish fan.

The picture is from Bjarne Lund-Jensen. .

While Phil was in Denmark for Fabula 77, he was interviewed on a TV show in Coppenhagan. At one point he was asked about an American science fiction TV program staring Lorne Greene (Battlestar Galactica). Phil said he thought it was terrible and the interviewers, who all agreed with him, loved him from that point on.

This picture of Phil, H. Warner Munn and Damon Knight was taken at Norwescon2 in Seattle, March 23-25 1979. Phil was the Guest of Honor.

This picture was taken by Susan Wood and was printed in Locus #220, April 1979.

Xenophile #42, June/July 1979 contained an interview of Phil by Philip A.Shreffler, who also took this photograph.

This picture was taken at 38th Worldcon (Noreascon2) and was printed in the December 1980 issue of Science Fiction Chronicle.

Photo by John Skelson.

This picture was taken at the Forbidden Planet bookstore in London, January 1981, while Phil was over there for a book signing.

Phil at Sir Richard Francis Burton's grave sometime in the early 1980's.

Standing next to Bette and Phil is a JT Edson, British author of Westerns, including those about Dusty Fogg, who is related to Phileas Fogg. This picture was taken in England in the early 1980's.

Sitting on the ground are Arnold Schindler, Phil farmer, and Dave Kyle (unknown woman in the water). This picture was taken in England in Dave Kyle's backyard on the Thames, near the spot where the Martians landed in the movie version of War of the Worlds.

This picture was used on dust jackets prior to this, but in 1983 Putnam sent it out (unsigned) with review copies of GODS OF RIVERWORLD

Here Bette Farmer, Fritz Leiber and Phil are at a restaurant in San Francisco. Phil was in California for a convention, sometime in the 1980s.

Phil and Bette went to England on the Concord sometime in 1984 or 1985 and came back on the Queen Elizabeth 2.

Phil speaking at the downtown branch of the Peoria Public Library in 1985.

Photo by Tracy Knight.

On January 25th, 1986 the Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena California invited about 20 science fiction authors to view photographs of Uranus as they were being sent back to Earth from Voyager 2. This picture of Harry Harrison, Ray Bradbury and Phil Farmer is from issue Locus #302, March 1986.

This picture appears in the Philcon 89 program book, which also contained a great essay about Phil by Bruce Sterling and a reprint of O'Brien and Obrenov. Phil was the principle speaker at this convention.

November 29th 1989, Chicago's City Lit Theater Company premiered a stage version of Philip José Farmer's 1967 Hugo winning story "Riders of the Purple Wage". The story was adapted for the stage by Arnold April and was scheduled to run at the Live Bait Theater through January 14, 1990.

Phil has joined the cast in this picture.

According to Locus #353, June 1990, Phil was a special guest at the Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Fort Lauderdale, March 21-25 1990. This picture shows him giving a Tarzan yell at the beginning of his talk.

This picture was taken on a boat ride during the Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Fort Lauderdale, March 21-25 1990. From left to right, Bette Farmer, Gary Wolfe, David Hartwell and wife, a gentleman from Kuwait, Phil Farmer and a woman who worked at the convention.

Brian Aldiss, Gary K. Wolfe and Phil also taken at the Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts.

We believe that this picture of Philip José Farmer, Gordon R. Dickson and Piers Anthony on a panel was also taken at at the Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Fort Lauderdale, March 21-25 1990.

From left to right, Bette Farmer, Charlie Brown (Publisher of Locus), unknown man, Gary K. Wolfe, Phil and Joe Haldeman. Also taken at the Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts.

At a bar in Peoria on the River with Charles Platt and Roberta Lannes sometime in early 1990s.

Phil, Robert Bloch, Forrest J Ackerman and Arnold Schindler at Bloch's house for a birthday party in the early 1990's.

Phil and Bette dressed up for Halloween as a movie producer and movie star. When I first saw this picture I thought Phil was supposed to be Hunter S. Thompson.

This picture was taken some time in the early 1990s.

Bette and Phil at his alma mater Bradley University in 1993. Phil was named a "Distinguished Scholar".

Phil and Bette in their home, probably taken in 1993

This picture of Phil was taken at Archon XIX, June 23-25, 1995.

This picture of Phil sitting in front of some of his book cases was taken by a local newspaper for an article they did on him.

Photographer and exact date unknown but this was taken sometime in the late 1990s.

This picture was taken during Phil's 80th Birthday party, in 1998. The biggest surprise for Phil was when a man dressed as an ape showed up and rang the doorbell.

On May 15th, 1998, the Peoria Public Library had a book signing with most of the 13 authors of the round-robin novel NAKED CAME THE FARMER. Turn out was lower than expected because the book signing was held the same night as the last episode of Seinfeld. This picture shows Phil signing George Scheetz's copy of the book. George is a long time Farmer collector and was the editor of the fanzine Farmerage.

Phil doing a book signing for NOTHING BURNS IN HELL, 8/22/98 at The Stars Our Destination in Chicago.

At the Nebula Award Ceremony, April 27-29 2001, Philip José Farmer was awarded the Grand Master Award. This picture, from Locus #485, June 2001, shows Harlan Ellison presenting the award to Phil.

This picture was taken May 10th 2001, on Phil and Bette's 60th wedding anniversary.

Photo by Tracy Knight author of THE ASTONISHED EYE.

After Phil won the Grand Master Award, the Peoria Public Library held a Living Legend Reception on May 19, 2001. Fans traveled from all across the country to get books signed and go to dinner with Phil.

On August 10, 2002, the Peoria Public Library hosted a 50th Anniversary Celebration of The Lovers. In this picture, Phil is shown holding up the Hugo award he won in 1953 as The Most Promising New Talent, based mostly on The Lovers.