Philip Josť Farmer
    Rick Stocker's letter in OW #23 needs (in)-validation.
    I've never read Harrison's letter to Sol Cohen re Ted White. But I can assure you that if Harrison did indeed tell Cohen that I would not submit to Cohen's magazines if Ted White became their editor, I neither said that nor would have approved the statement. At the time I had never heard of Ted White, though I may have noticed the name on the pages of the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. (Wasn't Ted an assistant editor or something like that for a while? [[Yes.]]) I first became aware of Ted White at a convention in San Diego some years ago. I don't remember what year, but I believe that Ted was already in Cohen's employ.
    Anyway, the imbroglio is past history for both Ted and myself, as far as we two are concerned. I regret ever having gotten involved. But it did teach me a lesson. One, not to rely on my far-from-photographic memory. Two, let my agent handle any disputes with publishers. Three, consider any statements to be printed very carefully, make sure that qualifying phrases are added where there might be any doubt.
    Looking back on the whole distasteful affair, I see that both Ted and I were half-right, half-wrong. Which half doesn't matter now.
    Towards the last of the OW correspondence, I decided that I had made some bad mistakes and that it was foolish to continue the "feud." I intended to write Ted and to try to make some sort of reconciliation. But I procrastinated--as I do with most things--and Ted beat me to it. He wrote me a letter the contents of which I won't go into. But the result was that we agreed to drop the affair and even to start all over again on a friendly footing.
    You have to admire a man like that. And one result of the experience is that I've learned something worthwhile. Even at 57 1 can learn.   ل/10/75