Miscellaneous Items

Here are some items that don't really fit into other categories.

GURPS RIVERWORLD, 1989 Roleplaying in Philip Josť Farmer's Riverworld by Steve Jackson Games. I don't know anything about roleplaying games but this book goes into great detail about the story line of and technology available in Riverworld. Here is an article about the game.

THOAN, 1994 A French roleplaying game based on the World of Tiers series. Farmer wrote an introduction to the book. Here is its official webpage.

Riverworld PC Game by Cryo Interactive. Here is a review of the game.

The 20th Anniversary Edition of Trivial Pursuit has the following question in "The Written Word" category. Not that is was ever in doubt, but here is the answer.

IMAGE OF THE BEAST, illustrated by "Grisly" Tim Boxell and published by Last Gasp Echo Funnies.

ESCAPE FROM LOKI, this appeared in the DC Comics 1989 Annual Doc Savage issue, two years before ESCAPE FROM LOKI was published. The cover says "An all-new adventure revealing how Doc and the fabulous five first joined forces!" This story was written from the story Phil outlined in his biography of Doc Savage.

THE STONE GOD AWAKENS serialized in an underground comic called Normal Bean.

ALTERNATION, an alternate universe comic book (the blond on the left is Mark Twain). The author credits Riverworld as his main inspiration.

CAVEMAN ROBOT, this wild comic book by Jason Robert Bell is "dedicated to the brilliant Philip Josť Farmer". Copies can be ordered here.

In the first episode of The Twilight Zone, Where is Everybody? - October 2, 1959 you can see several copies of THE GREEN ODYSSEY.

The novel A HOUSE-BOAT ON THE STYX was an inspiration for the Riverword series.

In the Jimi Hendrix section of the Experience Music Project (EMP) in Seattle, you will find the following display about the song Purple Haze; pic 1, pic 2, pic 3 and pic 4.

You can also go to the EMP Digital Collection. Click on Launch Digital Collection, once this loads click on "THINGS", then scroll down and click on "book", then select "Night of Light".