On reading my story, "A Scarletin Study," in the March issue, I noticed that your printer seems to be out of umlauts and has a shortage of g's. At least, he substituted q's for g's in several places. I recently took a trip to Hamburg, Germany, and while there picked up cheap several boxes of umlauts. I am sending you one fourth-class mail. I have some old gee-strings around, and when I find them I'll ship them off. You can tell your printer he can stamp a dozen g's out of one string.
          -Jonathon Swift Somers III
F&SF regrets the error. Upcoming: A new Somers story, in which the famous dog-detective Ralph von Wau Wau and a new associate, one Cordwainer Bird, become involved in a plot to steal Venice. The title is: "The Doge Whose Barque Was Worse Than His Bight."