Printed by The Wold Newton Meteorics Society, there were only 5 issues of the Wold Atlas, from January 1977 to the Fall of 1978. This fun fanzine contains much original fiction about various members of the Wold Newton family.

Vol. 1 No. 1. This issue contains a letter from PJF stating that he accepts the offer to be the Honorary Chariman of The Wold Newton Meteorics Society. There are reviews of several of Farmer's books and other Wold Newton related books. For original fiction it contains part one of "The Terrible Beekeeper", "The Land That Maple White Found" and "The Dynamics of the Brother's Moriarity".

Vol. 1 No. 2. This issue contains part two of "The Terrible Beekeeper", "The Mysterious Case of the Carters" and the first installment of the cartoon "Duck Savage, the Mallard of Bronze!"

Vol. 1 No. 3. This issue contains part three of "The Terrible Beekeeper", stories about the first Doc Savage, Commissioner Gordon, Jack the Ripper and another installment of Duck Savage.

Vol. 1 No. 4. This issue contains part four of "The Terrible Beekeeper", stories about the King Kong, Fu Manchu, Dr. Doom and another installment of Duck Savage.

Vol. 2 No. 1. The second year of The Wold Atlas had a more attractive layout (as well as I can tell from photocopies). This issue concludes "The Terrible Beekeeper", has a story about The Shadow and another installment of Duck Savage. This issue also promises an interview with PJF in the next issue but there was no next issue.

Visit the Wold Newton Universe web site for even more great articles and stories about members of the Wold Newton Family.

Sadly there were only three issues of this outstanding fanzine, printed by The Philip Josť Farmer Society.

VOLUME ONE/JUNE 1978/NUMBER ONE The Debut issue reprints "O'Brien and Obrenov", Farmer's first published story along with the autobiography Farmer wrote for Adventure. There is a biography and bibliography through 1953 and an article about the immediate impact of "The Lovers". Also included are copies of four newspaper articles and a copy of the poem "Imagination".

VOLUME ONE/OCTOBER 1978/NUMBER TWO This issue reprints "The Wounded" and "Heel". There is also a story about the universe of John Carmody and an article about "Finnegans Wake" and "Riders of the Purple Wage".

VOLUME ONE/FEBRUARY 1979/NUMBER THREE The third and final issue contains a transcription of a speech that Farmer gave called "The Affair of the Logical Lunatics". Also included are pictures from Farmer's yearbook, and looks at Love Song, Jesus on Mars and As you Desire.

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