Articles about Farmer by Fans

A few of these have been printed in fanzines before making their way here. Some of them were written with this page in mind.
Sun Mad by Karl Kauffman (with Christopher Carey)
First published in: The Bronze Gazette, Vol 1, Issue #10, October 1993
Also published in: here online
This very funny comic strip pokes fun at the multitudinous times that people have ressurected John Sunlight
in various incarnations of Doc Savage. If you read Chris Carey's article below "Loki in the Sunlight" you will
see that he thinks Phil tried to do the same thing on the sly.

Farmer's Escape from Loki: A Closer Look by Christopher Carey
First published in: The Bronze Gazette, Vol 6, Issue #17, February 1996
Also published: here online
Loki in the Sunlight by Christopher Carey
First published in: The Bronze Gazette, Vol 8, Issue #24, June 1998
Also published: here online
Plus a letter Chris sent to Phil with a copy of the article
and a letter from Phil in response.

The Green Eyes Have It - Or Are They Blue?, by Christopher Carey
First published: here online
Also published in: The Bronze Gazette, Vol 11, Issue #33, November 2001

Ozdyssey or How the Yellow Brick Road lead me to the Riverworld by Dennis Power
First published: here online

Redemption in Philip Josť Farmer's Riverworld by Antoine Ruiz
First published: here online
Swift with a Ray Gun: Gulliver Travels to The World of Tiers by Stephen F. McCann
First published: here online
Barsoom Needs Bazooms by Patrick Lozito
First published in: Interzone ???
Also published: here online

Who Inhabits Riverworld by Michael Croteau
First published: here online