I'm sure that you've noticed that mike and I have new email addresses listed on the page. As a way of allowing everyone who desires, to assist in supporting the page, I am offering email@pjfarmer.com for $2.50 for each address per year, they will be available on a first come first served basis, so here is your chance to get your favorite character name as your email address or just yourname@pjfarmer.com, the specifics you will need to know are as follows:
Incoming mail (Pop3) mail.pjfarmer.com
outgoing mail (STMP) mail.YourISP.xxx
account or user name yourname@pjfarmer.com
you must use the entire address.
This setup works in both Outlook and Outlook Express, I have not tried it in any other mail programs.

I can accept payment at the address below, or through PayPal. I have set up a subscription system that will bill you annually through PayPal, you can use it at this link
Please email to confirm that the address you request is avalable, before sending payment. I will send your password upon receipt of payment.


Rick Beaulieu
P. O. Box 489
Orangefield, TX 77639-0489