As you can see collectors have long been interested in listings of Farmer's books. Other partial bibliographies can be found in various science fiction encyclopedias and other reference books.

The First Editions of Philip Josť Farmer by Lawrence Knapp
First appeared as: Chapbook, June 1976
This was the original Farmer bibliography. Only 8 pages long, it contains the infamous "As You Desire" listing.
Speculative Fiction, Bibliographies and Philip Josť Farmer by Thomas Wymer
First appeared in: Extrapolation, December 1976
This is an interesting bibliography because it goes into detail about rewrites and serials. We had to make several changes to the website after getting this.

Additions to Wymer's Bibliography of the Works of Philip Josť Farmer by Ronald Swiddle
First appeared in: Bakka Magazine No. 6, Fall 1977
This is a surprisingly long list of items missed in the bibliography published by Thomas Wymer in the December 1976 issue of Exrapolation. The majority of the items were articles that appeared in fanzines, introductions to other author's books and interviews and letters.
Philip Josť Farmer: A Checklist by Paul Whitney
First appeared in: Science Fiction Collector 5, September 1977
This was very complete when it was printed in 1977. When we discovered it several years ago it listed eight short stories that we were unaware of.

Philip Josť Farmer: Good Natured Ground Breaker by Phil Stephensen-Payne and Gordon Benson Jr.
First appeared as: Galactic Central Vol 23 March 1987
Also appeared as: Galactic Central Vol 23 expanded July 1990
At 63 pages this bibliography is much longer than all of its predecessors. Besides covering the usual books and short stories it also ncludes sections on items such as series, articles, edited books, media presentations, articles on the author, reviews and more. Highly recommended, if you are even thinking about collecting Farmer you need this book! This is availble at Chris Drumm Books, for $4.50.