My Tarzan manuscript has been accepted and has been copy-edited (they gave me permission to proof a galley, a rare privilege these days), and it should be on the way to the printers. Seventy years I'd waited for permission to write an original Tarzan novel. The original plan by Ballantine was to publish the Tarzan book as a tradebook, a large softcover. It would have been impressive even if not a hardcover. The cover illustration, I thought was outstanding, full of menace and broodiness, sinister eyes peering from the dense jungle foliage. But the Ballantine bigwigs have now decided to put the book out as the normal small-sized mass paperback. Reduced, the cover illustration is much less striking. And the text print will probably be so small I won't be able to read it without difficulty. I need to correct an item the Ballantine publicity group released to the Burroughs Bulletin. My Tarzan novel The Dark Heart of Time was not rescheduled to come out in June, 1999 because it needed more editorializing. It was rescheduled because the new Tarzan movie bombed so badly. Ballantine didn't want the book to come out on the movie's heels. Bad association. So the novel was reset to appear with the new Disney Tarzan animated film and the flood of children's items, games, T-shirts, toys, etc. The reasoning was that the book would be the only Tarzan item for adults to turn to. Unk vando

          Philip Josť Farmer
          Peoria, Illinois